Sunday, September 1, 2013

Abstract: Problems of artificial insemination. Topic: Ethics, etiquette, aesthetics

Abstract: Problems of artificial insemination Topic: Ethics, etiquette, aesthetics
Ethical issues of artificial insemination - is a problem related to the beginning of human life. But if in the case of an abortion doctor and a woman enter into a moral attitude to human life, even in a period of days, weeks, months, in the case of artificial insemination, it is less to do with the beginning of an existing life as possible to the very beginning. And if abortion, contraception, sterilization - a struggle with the emergence of human life, then, in vitro fertilization - a struggle for the possibility of its occurrence. It is significant that in this "struggle" abortion and artificial insemination are closely linked: the practice of abortion delivers patients to the practice of artificial insemination. Thus, according to some reports, the incidence of induced abortion as a means of family planning leads to higher secondary (acquired) of infertility. Experts believe that the secondary infertility by 55% is a complication of induced abortion. And if the average level of infertility remains approximately the same as 20-30 years ago, at present its structure varies upward secondary infertility. Thus, it appears that, historically, the need for artificial insemination grows not only the needs of the struggle with infertility itself at all, how many of the needs of the struggle with tubal infertility - an epiphenomenon of medical practice and liberal ideology. The epidemic of abortions second half of the XIX century, historically and logically related to the development of methods of artificial insemination. Prof. I. Manuylova states: medical recommendation for "in vitro fertilization, as a rule, is the result of anatomical abnormalities in the fallopian tubes as a result of induced abortion." If you get more information, visit our site: BEST ESSAY CHEAP