Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Skewed Mindset of Volunteering

I was felicitous enough to provide at Vanney Cook Cancer summation located in McAllen. This health check Center encour get ons individuals seeking to military volunteer their time to organize their facilities and the twisty amount of toys Vanney Cook receives from benevolent institutions. The ethical concern I want to analyze in this essay is the mindset I believe the majority of spirited educate seniors tend to become when it comes to volunteering. \nDuring the latter part of start of 2013, I frequently talked with unrivalled of my closest friends, Bruno Arjona, to the advancedest degree my college aspirations. by and by long chats about our college applications, Bruno and I quickly agnise that our resumes were in a lot of trouble. Bruno and I were heavily involved in high gear school school mutant; consequently, our resumes deficiencyed any high school academic achievements or involvement. Bruno consequently pitched the idea of volunteering; hoping that a cert ain amount of hours volunteering would to well-nigh degree compensate for our lack of academic involvement. I design it was a great idea, and during the pass of 2013, we volunteered a total amount of 52 hours. \nDuring this volunteering process, I realized that a lot of students my age were volunteering for the wrong reasons (including myself), in clubhouse to stand out on a resume. Every high school student in the country has an incentive to volunteer in a philanthropic organization because it looks really commodity on a high school resume. I seldom met high school students that started volunteering because of honest-to-god sympathy, and could care less about any recognition on a resume. Then you pitch a few students that fall upon out that having a well-rounded resume requires some suit of volunteering, and volunteer solely for that reason. Now, I believe the majority of high school students enter a volunteering program with both intentions: to garter people in need, a nd raise their resumes. I wonder though, if these same(p) students, including myself, were denied any recogniti...

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