Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hiring for Success Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Hiring for Success - Research Paper ExampleSuch managers end up choosing the wrong individuals for the jobs. To debar such problems, the managers should be aware of the consequences of being plus during the decision making process. Additionally, they should judge individuals based on their abilities and not their perceptions (Draft & Marcic, 2006).According to Draft & Marcic (2006), some managers in addition make wrong choices during the hiring process because they see what they extremity to see (Draft & Marcic, 2006). Such managers already know what is right according to them, and when interviewing people, they look for what support their instincts in the interviewees (Klayman, Larrick & Health, 2000). This form of bias affects evaluation of information because managers focus on what they know than what they do not know. To avoid this, managers have to be honest about their motives meaning that they should study the evidence equally (Draft & Marcic, 2006).The hiring procedure ca n also be affected by the past impression. This is because most people focus on the initial information they get when making decisions. The first impressions affect the managers succeeding judgments (Klayman, Larrick & Health, 2000). For instance, in most interviews, managers judge the interviewees by their first impression. If they mess during the initial process, this makes them fail the interviews even if they do perfectly in the remaining parts of the interviews. To avoid this, managers should cease relying on the past information to avoid wrong predictions and misguided decisions (Draft & Marcic,

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