Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Effects of Health Care Reform on Women and Children in America Assignment

The Effects of Health Care Reform on Women and Children in America - Assignment Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that health care reforms should achieve universal and comprehensive insurance coverage, control cost, help purchasers, and add value, prevent the wastage of resources, and use an integrated approach. The exigence or urgency of the issue fuels the implementation of health care reform, to fulfill the needs of the vulnerable sections of society. The above type of claim is identified as Claim of Policy. This refers to the fact that the future course of action regarding health care reform for women and children has to be through further policy changes, which should be appropriately implemented. The claim or position of this paper is that children and women are a vulnerable group who require adequate reforms in health care provision, for improved quality of life. There is a requirement for controlling cost, assisting consumers, adding value, achieving universal coverage, and preventing wastage of funds and resources, for meeting the needs of childr en and women, including older and senior women. Moreover, an integrated approach to implementing the reform measures, along with mutual information sharing is considered essential. From the reduction of welfare rolls and the implementation of welfare reforms have emerged increasing numbers of uninsured children. This vulnerable and important group need Medicaid coverage on priority; children being relatively inexpensive to provide health care insurance, and also benefit from coverage, besides having a right to expect special consideration by virtue of their vulnerability. Similarly, older, senior women and poor, pregnant women are high risk and vulnerable groups for whom reform measures need to be improved. Lack of insurance prevents pregnant women from seeking prenatal care, leading to declining in the health of both the infant and the mother, and increased the possibility of infant mortality.

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