Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Orientation Problem Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Orientation Problem - Assignment Example Therefore, the task is like to either swim or sink to them as they are given any written information about the roots and idea about the assigned location. They do not get any kind of help from the supervisors rather they are berated for delivery time and routes. The delivery time may be long as they are not aware about the assigned due lack of training. The employees try to learn roots by studying maps on the day off but practically it cannot help to them. Again the letter carriers are shifted from one route to another very frequently but they need time to understand the sequence of delivering articles in a particular root. Frequent shifting increases the overall duties of the entire letter careers as none of them cannot learn a particular rout properly. Answer 2 The supervisors should provide two important types of orientation to the new employees i.e. letter carriers at work sites. First is Organization orientation where the supervisor should make them informed brief about the orga nization where they have joined i.e. objective, history, philosophy, mission, procedures, rules and policies. Second types of orientation are unit based orientation where the supervisor should familiarize the new employees about their job activities and work units. The direct supervisor should provide all necessary information to the employees about a particular facility and its personal, assigned area covered by the routes and other written information like employee handbook and union contact etc. Answer 3 The supervisors should be given on job training where they can consequences of their mistakes which leads to overall loss in terms of output of their employees and the decline in performance level. In this training program the superiors will be informed about the efficient strategies followed by leading private carrier organizations. They will train them by visiting the areas through shorter routes in less time. This would motivate them as it would increase the daily output and o verall performance of their supervising units. Another types training is in house training program where they will be trained about motivation strategies which they need to implement on the new employees to understand their problems and difficulties regarding job activities and to increase the individual as well overall performance of work units. The supervisor will be informed about the benefits of basic motivations to the employees will lead to more output than expectance (Nkomo, Fottler & McAfee, 2010, p.174). Answer 4 The supervisor needs to supplement some important written documents to the new letter carriers. These should be only the employee handbook and union contact no but some other important materials which includes information about different employee benefits, no of holidays in a financial year, some copies of certain legal forms, like IRS withholding forms, brief about accident an emergency procedures, key official terms in the US postal service department, alternativ e copies of life and health insurance options, telephone and location directory of the personnel department and other important city offices. Apart from these, detailed explanation of the overall operation of the US Postal Service and mission of the organizations. In this detailed explanation of organizational operation, the job duties and responsibilities of the letter carrier, work

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