Thursday, February 20, 2020

Why Mixed Martial Arts is better the Boxing Essay

Why Mixed Martial Arts is better the Boxing - Essay Example The Brazilian Top Team has emerged as the most successful in the history of MMA (Sheridan, 92), closely followed by the American Top Team based in Florida (Sheridan, 112). On the other hand, boxing {decidedly better than the transparently put up fights by the exponents of professional wrestling} which was until recently the most avid followed aggressive sport in the country has slipped badly due to a variety of factors. Gone are the days when excited spectators thronged the route to the stadium, while those within the stadium paid homage to their boxing heroes like biblical masses (Rendall, 7). Boxing has now been reduced to preening, pompous gaited, one-dimensional public exhibitionists (Rendall, 29). People have traditionally been attracted to a sport that involves realistic, blood splattering aggression. In ancient times, the coliseums of Rome used to be filled to capacity during fights involving trained gladiators battling for their lives with swords, tridents, chains, nets, daggers and clubs {the recent Hollywood film The Gladiator starring Russell Crowe was a huge hit}. The famed bullfights of Spain where death-defying matadors take on massive bulls are a prime sport in that country, and a must-to-watch for those visiting it. Watching realistic, blood-spurting, spectacular fights stirs the caveman’s instinct within us as nothing else does. With its unique shock and awe approach, MMA satisfies the blood lust craving in sport. It is a ‘rough, rough’ sport where toughness is a vital ingredient (Sheridan, 48). It presents viewers with spectacular violence involving fights during which blood is splattered liberally and profusely, and where even limbs are broken frequently (Peterson) {the crab scissors throw or body scissors are the deadly techniques used to do this [Scott, 2]} as the fighters battle each other in an arena hemmed with black fencing ominously called

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Resume,letter,executive summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Resume,letter,executive summary - Essay Example I graduated in year 2009 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, minor in telecommunications applications. I took the state exam for Electrical Engineer Licensure in April of 2010 and passed with the grade of 93.8%. Although I do not have any substantial experience as a licensed Engineer just yet, I have had exposure working for an Engineering firm in 2009, whereby as was tasked to coordinate directly with the resident Electrical Engineers and to provide the necessary assistance in their operations. Some of the projects I was involved in are on semiconductors and vector works. Though limited as my hands on exposure could be, I believe that I was able to gain a considerable amount of knowledge to equip me as I take on my first real job after graduating and obtaining my license. The skills and expertise of an Electrical Engineer are required in construction projects, particularly on the assembly of electrical and electronic systems needed to mobilize the construction team, and post-project to provide the structure the needed electrical system to function according to its design. The person to hold an entry level Electrical Engineer position is not really expected to have intermediate experience on circuit breakers, transformers, induction motors, and other equipment. However, he must have basic knowledge on the principles and basic know hows. He must be able to discuss the principles and apply the concepts as he is prepared to go hands on later on after a period of immersion. Electrical Engineers in an entry level position are expected to assist in the design, implementation, maintenance and improvement of electrical instruments, facilities, products and equipment for various purposes, including commercial, domestic, and industrial purposes. They are also expected to be knowledgeable on the operations of computer-assisted engineering and design software to perform tasks needed to complete a project. As these personnel are still starting up their